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Our Philosophy

In a world of spiritual chaos and uncertainty fueled by a growing acceptance of moral relativism, it is the vision of Good Shepherd Christian Academy to offer a godly alternative to other educational options. GSCA seeks to set aside denominational distinctives and function as a regional school in the spirit of love, unity and liberty. We operate as a spiritual and educational resource to our surrounding Christian community.



Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a ministry of Faith Discovery Church. GSCA operates with a separate operating budget and governing committee. We uphold the essential tenets of the Christian faith as set forth in Scripture.

Our Mission

The two-fold mission of Good Shepherd Christian Academy is to provide an outstanding education which integrates the Christian belief system with the Arts and Sciences, thus presenting a Christian Worldview as an alternative to the current cultural view of secular humanism; and, to unashamedly present the Gospel of Christ, thus giving GSCA students the opportunity to commit their lives to Christ and to learn what it means to be His disciples.


Good Shepherd Christian Academy School Committee​ 


The GSCA School Committee serves as the governing body for Good Shepherd Christian Academy. The committee, which meets monthly, is responsible for all major policy and hiring decisions, development of an annual budget for the school, and establishing a strategic plan for the future of the school.


The committee is comprised of the GSCA Administrator, a representative from the GSCA faculty and from the Faith Discovery Church Leadership Team, and members of the Faith Discovery Church community.


GSCA is owned by, and operates as, one of the outreach ministries of Faith Discovery Church. Members of the committee, with the exception of the Faculty representative, are appointed by the Faith Discovery Church Board of Deacons.


The day-to-day operation of the school, implementation of policy, supervision of personnel, curriculum and instructional oversight, as well as disciplinary decisions, are the responsibility of the head of school.

GSCA School Committee Members 

Dr. Tom Edmunds

(Committee Chair)

Cindy Weaver (Head of School)

Sathya Sankar

Phil Marchello

Nancy Dean​

​(Faculty Representative)

Pastor Jerry D. Scott

(Ex officio)

Good Shepherd Christian Academy ​​is a member of the Mid-Atlantic

Christian Schools Association (MACSA) and the Association of Christian

Schools International (ACSI).

"When the teachings of home, church, and school agree, beautiful things happen in the life of a child."

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