Like a team of rowers in a boat, we believe that great things happen when families, churches and schools "pull" together in the same direction.  At GSCA, you'll find an experienced team of faculty, staff and administrators who embody servant leadership in the ways they mentor children, support one another, and partner with parents.


Mr. Peter M. Alvarez, MTS
Head of School

Mrs. Shagun Oberoi, MA
Director of Infant/Toddler & PreK

Mrs. Lynette McKeever
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jennifer Spinks

Mrs. Lisa Marshall
School Nurse


Dr. Tom Edmunds, PhD
Committee Chairman

Mr. Peter M. Alvarez, MTS
Head of School

Rev. Jerry Scott
Church Elder/Pastor Representative

Mr. Phil Marcello
Church Deacon Representative

Mrs. Shagun Oberoi, MA
Church Member Representative

Mr. David Bishop, MEd,
Curriculum & Fine Arts Specialist

Mrs. Gail DeRemer
Teacher Representative






Mrs. Gail DeRemer

Ms. Amy McKeever
First Grade

Mrs. Shirley Bauer
Second Grade

Mrs. Kathy Meyer
Third Grade

Mrs. Valerie Lemp
Fourth Grade

Ms. Savannah Huseland
Fifth Grade

Infant/Toddler & Preschool Division

Mrs. Shagun Oberoi
Director of Infant/Toddler & PreK Division

Mrs. Jessica Epps
Infant & Toddler Lead Teacher

Mrs. Nicole Cleaver
Infant Teacher

Mrs. Wanda Christiansen
Infant & Toddler Aide

Mrs. Amanda Morris
PreK 2&3


Mrs. Jen Lucas
Math, Bible, History

Mrs. Etres Alampi
Science, Bible, History

Mrs. Sara Wanisko
Language Arts

Mr. Sean Morris
Physical Education

Mrs. Roberta Granzen

Mrs. Nnenna N. Pastor
Computers & Technology

Faculty & Staff
Music & Choir

Mrs. Norma Lutz
PreK 2&3

Ms. Paula Burd
PreK 3&4

Mrs. Cheryl Hall
PreK 4&5

Mrs. Dawn Schmauch
PreK 4&5

Mrs. Nina Ingram
PreK Aide

Mrs. Lois Murphy
PreK Aide




Governance & Polity

The Head of School at Good Shepherd Christian Academy reports directly to the Chairperson of the GSCA School Committee which serves as a strategic governance board for the school. Additionally, the Head of School oversees all aspects of the school's operations and programs. The Chairperson is chartered by the Faith Discovery Church Leadership Team and is responsible to them in general, and the Pastor of FDC in particular, for the financial accountability and strategic direction of GSCA.


Broadly evangelical and non-denominational in its teaching, the school employs faculty and staff from 10 local churches and is attended by families of nearly 30 local congregations.  In chapel services, Bible classes, and throughout integrated lessons in the arts and sciences, teachers make connections between academic course content and the central tenets of the Christian worldview outlined in the Apostle's Creed and affirmed by all four Christian traditions (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Episcopal).  In particular, GSCA supports the following Christian doctrines:

  • Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration & Infallibility

  • Doctrine of the Trinity

  • Doctrine of the Deity of Jesus Christ

  • Doctrine of Sin

  • Doctrine of Redemption through Faith & Repentance

  • Doctrine of Spirit-Empowered Sanctification

  • Doctrine of Eternal Life