The Lower Division

Grades K-5

At Good Shepherd Christian Academy, we believe in teaching the whole child, helping students discover the joys of learning.  In the Lower Division (Grades K-5), we accomplish this goal by providing students with godly teachers who embrace the call to shepherd children holistically.

In addition to core academic subjects, GSCA Lower Division students attend weekly chapel services, daily Bible lessons, art, music, physical education, and technology/computers.  

The staff and faculty at GSCA know that Lower Division students are navigating exciting stages of development.  We embrace wiggly bodies and curious minds, because we know elementary-age students thrive when given opportunity to learn tactilely, integrate physical models into learning exercises, and incorporate the wonder and aesthetic value of nature into their studies.  Accordingly, Lower Division students regularly enjoy outdoor walks and study in beautiful outdoor spaces on our campus.

When you visit our classrooms, you'll see teachers skillfully mentoring students and students responding to stimulating learning lessons -- a practice we call the art of academic discipleship, an educational philosophy that seamlessly weaves excellent academic instruction and heart-to-heart care into learning tapestries that begin with the biblical wisdom and are threaded into a worldview that promotes the unity of faith and reason.