The Middle Division

Grades 6-8

Middle school is a distinct and formative time for students.  Physically, students undergo powerful bodily and hormonal changes...changes that are coupled with equally complex social, spiritual and intellectual developments.  Good Shepherd teachers meet these students where they are and partner with parents in helping the students cultivate good habits for life and learning.  Special attention is given to helping students acquire and refine the executive skills and emotional self-regulation necessary for high school and beyond, including time planning and management; multi-step task execution; organization strategies for backpacks, lockers, and desks; improving situational awareness; and other tactics that form the basis for growth.

Students in GSCA's middle division are shepherded by a seasoned faculty and staff who enjoy a special desire to work with young teens.  Academic coursework is challenging, but presented in winsome ways and through inspiring modalities.  Students are coached to think critically and to bring biblically informed perspectives to bear on all coursework.

GSCA embraces technology as a means of instruction, as a tool.  But Good Shepherd is a cell phone-free zone during school hours, because GSCA values personal, face-to-face communication.  Accordingly, in all four divisions and particularly in the Middle Division, GSCA faculty and staff help students learn how to use technology well.

We also believe that Grades 6 through 8 are a natural time for students to take on greater responsibility to serve the community.  Thus, in the Middle Division, students initiate and lead service projects in class and outside of school.