For 40 years, Good Shepherd Christian Academy has partnered with families and churches to lovingly and holistically mentor students' hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.



The three-fold mission of Good Shepherd Christian Academy is to provide an outstanding education integrating the Christian worldview with the arts and sciences, to lovingly care for each child, and to present students with the Gospel of Christ and training in Christian discipleship.

Good Shepherd is an amazing community...a place where my child feels known, loved, and challenged.
— GSCA parent



As an outreach to the residents of Warren County, NJ, Faith Discovery Church established Good Shepherd Christian Academy in 1979. 

From the very beginning, GSCA intended to provide care and education to students of all ages, but the school initially limited academic offerings to students of Grades K-8, due to the size constraints of the church property and facilities.

In 1995, the school purchased the former campus of Warren County Community College -- a beautiful 7.5-acre property with two buildings.  In 1996, after renovating the 20,000-sqft academic building and 25,000-sqft gymnasium and administration building, the school moved to its current campus and added preschool and high school programs.

Wanting to provide high-quality care and education resources for parents of infants and toddlers, the school launched its Infant & Toddler Learning Center in March 2018. 

During the 2018-19 academic year, the school will celebrate its 40-yr Anniversary and continue to build on the legacy of the school's founders through partnering with families and churches by offering the following programs: Infant & Toddler Care, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary Division studies (Grades 1 through 5), Middle Division studies (Grades 6 through 8), and Upper Division studies (Grades 9-12 provided through an online/onsite delivery system). 




The late Reverend Gerald D. Scott, one of the founders of Good Shepherd Christian Academy, shown in his study.  Passionate about discipleship, Pastor Scott was esteemed for developing institutions and resources that encouraged spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth for residents of Warren County, NJ.