Parent Discussions & Huddles with the Head

Today, Good Shepherd commenced its 40th year of providing academic discipleship to students of all ages.  Carpool went smoothly.  Chapel was delightful.  And the students looked engaged as they met with their teachers for the first time.  Surely, the Lord has, is, and will continue to do something special in the minds and hearts of GSCA’s community members.

Regular, open and constructive communication is key to developing healthy relationships between the various stakeholders in our school.  To this end, GSCA will continue to use Sycamore Education to communicate with current families about activities/events, upcoming assignments, grades, and the like.  Parents are encouraged to check Sycamore weekly for regular announcements and updates.

Additionally, this year GSCA is providing parents with two new ways to partner with the GSCA administration – through monthly Parent Discussions and quarterly Huddles with the Head. 

Parent Discussions: Once per month, on mornings shortly after carpool, I will host “Parent Discussions” – opportunities to visit over coffee in the chapel while talking together on topics pertaining to raising and educating children.  On certain occasions, I’ll invite specialists to join us as we process issues such as best practices for helping teens manage technology use; how to help students develop their executive skills; when/how to discuss sexuality with grammar and middle school students, and so on.    

Huddles with the Head: Additionally, on a quarterly basis, I will host “Huddles.” I’m thinking of these visits as time to make myself available to families who want to raise questions/concerns about anything school-related.  While I’ll set the agendas for the Parent Discussions (by providing topics, materials, etc), I’ll allow families to choose what sorts of issues we discuss together at the Huddles.

As we said at the recent Watermelon Welcome event, it takes a village to raise children well.  And healthy villages don’t merely connect through online mediums and email.  I’m hoping that through the Discussions and Huddles, we can cultivate supportive, honest/transparent relationships that will bless our whole community.  Later this week, I’ll send the dates/times of our first Discussion and Huddle events. 

In His Love,

Peter M. Alvarez, M.T.S., Head of School
Good Shepherd Christian Academy
490 Route 57 West
Washington, NJ 07882
(908) 835-1399