Thank you for your interest in Good Shepherd Christian Academy, a faith-based school that has lovingly served children ages 6-months through Grade 12 for over 40 years.  As you navigate our website, you'll discover that GSCA exists to partner with families and churches in providing students of all ages with high-quality care, education, and discipleship.

We believe that Christian education should emphasize the following distinctions: Lordship (a biblical worldview that promotes the unity of Faith and Reason, and construes education as a tool to better know, love, and honor God); Value (deep appreciation for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty); Virtue (cultivating habits that reflect wisdom, courage, justice, self-control, faith, hope, and love). 

Peter M. Alvarez, Head of School

Peter M. Alvarez, Head of School

GSCA is a community of friends who have come together to help young people become the best versions of themselves.  I hope you'll take the time to prayerfully consider if/how GSCA can meet your family's care and education needs.

Grace and Peace, 

Soli Deo Gloria